Aquafresh strengthens post COVID-19 service standards

Reach and Impact of COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has reached almost every nook and corner of the world, resulting in a drastic change in the way of life. However, amidst all this Access Natural Water Pvt Ltd. continues to provide uninterrupted services all throughout., by following strict COVID-19 safety measures..

Post COVID-19 safety measures taken by Aquafresh

Access Natural Water Pvt Ltd has strengthened its post Covid-19 safety standards by complying with OSHA 3990, WHO and Health Ministry of Sri Lanka. In line with these guidelines as well as the trainings of PHIs (Public Health Inspectors), Aquafresh has developed a comprehensive “Covid-19 Preparedness & Response Manual” which describes steps taken to identify and mitigate individual risk exposure as well as unit wise risk exposure. This involves mitigating both internal and external exposures.

Covering all three locations

Aquafresh delivery staff in personal protection equipment

Based on international and local guidelines, all three locations of the organization namely the factory, distribution centre and head office have implemented precautionary measures against Covid-19. The locations carry out assessments of both employees and visitors to ensure safety. Further a chain of precautionary actions are followed upon entry to the location as well as during the stay, starting with: wearing face masks at all times, disinfecting the foot, washing hands, checking the body temperature, using hand sanitizer regularly, disinfecting the premises of all three locations as well as the delivery vehicles regularly, maintaining 1m distance and many more.

When it comes to handling the production and delivering them; all factory staff as well as delivery staff have been equipped with PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). Further, audits of all precautionary actions are carried out at the three locations in order to provide a better product and a safe service to all customers.