Aquafresh Corporate Sustainable Responsibility (ACSR)

About ACSR

ACSR logo“Aquafresh Corporate Sustainable Responsibility – ACSR”; is a program launched by Access Natural Water Pvt Ltd. in order to ensure the Reduction, Re-Use and Re-Cycle of plastic waste in Sri Lanka. Plastic is a doubled edged sword. If you use it without control and then dispose them irresponsibly, it’s only brings negative consequences. This doesn’t only apply to plastic. It applies to any man made material that is not compostable.

Plastic found its way into the community due to the durability, convenience and affordability it provided. With time it evolved into different types of plastic such as PET, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PP, PC and other. However, the consequences of irresponsible disposal of plastic far outweighs the convenience that man was indulging upon. The repercussions of irresponsible disposal has leaped over to the entire web of life on Earth that can be controlled and stopped by man alone.

How to Reduce, Re-Use and Re-Cycle plastic

Discipline of one’s behavior is crucial for the fruition of any desired result. Likewise, it is of paramount importance that we all understand the status created by irresponsible usage and disposal of plastic; and start taking corrective actions. For example, one step is to reduce the usage of plastic packaging and turn to compostable packing made out of cloth, coconut shells etc. another step would be reusing the purchased plastic materials. We could also upcycle the plastic material by creating homemade reusable items such as lanterns, frames etc. Or we could dispose the used plastic responsibly by handing over to recycling teams.

How you can contribute to the ACSR Program

ACSR (Aquafresh Corporate Sustainable Responsibility)Access Natural Water Pvt Ltd has been recycling its plastic waste from the very beginning. However, with the growing concern of plastic pollution, Aquafresh has taken a robust step towards repurposing the plastic waste for a sustainable world. With that Aquafresh has partnered with Eco Spindles to collect and provide used plastic bottles which are then sent for re-cycling and the production of new consumer durables for usage, such as brushes, yarn, clothing etc. You too can contribute to this cause by handling over used plastic bottles to Aquafresh delivery teams. So join us and let’s make a better tomorrow!

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