How much water should an average person drink everyday? Let’s ask Dr.Natalie Cooke.

About Dr.Natalie Cooke

Dr.Natalie Cooke

Dr.Natalie Cooke is a Medical Doctor holding a Degree in Medicine & Surgery. She returned to Sri Lanka with a motive of serving her country. and served the Sri Lankan Army Hospital in the field of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. She’s the first South Asian doctor to be certified in Nutritive Medicine by Mayo Clinic, USA.

Most Chronic Diseases now have no answer or it is a life long struggle of medication with many side effects. However, Dr.Natalie Cooke uses protocols for Diabetes Reversal, Cholesterol Treatment, Fertility Treatment, Cancer Management, and all Chronic Diseases. Her secret medicine is food in different forms of fruits and vegetables juices, water etc.  With what she does, it’s drug-less, chemical free and it works.

How much water should an average person drink everyday?

The ideal amount of water per day is your weight into three. Example 60*3=1.8liters. You should start drinking your water when you wake up and finish it an hour before you go to bed. Try not to consume water upto 2 hours after a meal and half an hour before a meal, as it interferes with the digestive process by diluting the HCL in the stomach. So hydrate yourself by drinking the correct amount of Aquafresh you require daily.

Benefits of adequate water consumption

Water is life. It not only hydrates the human body, but also helps improve bone health, smoothen kidney function, lowers blood pressure, helps detoxify the body, reduce weight and many more.

Water contains minerals and these minerals have its own health properties which helps our body to function at its optimum level. So if you drink adequate water, the calcium found in the water will help improve the density of the bones and prevent bone related issues. The magnesium content helps maintain the normal blood pressure level. Also, water is the universal solvent which helps dilute the high toxic levels of urea processed through the kidneys.

Therefore, it is important that you are aware of the source and the purification process of the water that you drink. Make sure that you don’t drink water which has been purified through chemicals as they strip off the natural mineral content of the water!