What is alkaline water and the pH? Let’s ask Dr.Natalie Cooke

About Dr.Natalie Cooke


Dr.Natalie Cooke is a Consultant in Integrative Medicine. She has served in the Sri Lankan Army Hospital in the field of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. She’s the first South Asian doctor to be certified in Nutritive Medicine by Mayo Clinic, USA.

She uses food as medicine, in different forms of fruits and vegetables juices, water etc. She uses protocols for Diabetes Reversal, Cholesterol Treatment, Fertility Treatment, Cancer Management, and all Chronic Diseases. Most Chronic Diseases now have no answer or it is a life long struggle of medication with many side effects. With what she does, it’s drugless, chemical free and it works.

What is alkaline water and the pH?

When it comes to water, it is important that we pay attention to its pH value. pH stands for Power of Hydration. pH ranges from 0-14 and usually water is ought to be at the neutral pH level which is pH7. The human body is ought to be at pH 7.23.

Sadly, no one in SL has that due to the chemical fertilizer, preservatives, colouring, processed food and junk food that we consume. If the body’s pH is too acidic, even below 5.5, the body then enters into a diseased state. There is no way the human body can exist in an acidic state.

The food we eat and the water we drink can help us go into an alkaline state. Let’s maintain an alkalinity and be healthy. This is why it’s important to drink alkaline water.

Alkafresh maintains a pH of 9+ and it balances the alkalinity of our body. This is made alkaline by flushing the water through Calcium Bicarbonate and Magnesium which is a healthy way compared to using electricity to charge the water into a state of alkaline which is less productive.