Acidity and why it is bad for us? Let’s ask Dr.Natalie Cooke

About Dr.Natalie Cooke

Dr.Natalie Cooke is a Medical Doctor who has served in the Sri Lankan Army Hospital in the field of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. She’s the first South Asian doctor to be certified in Nutritive Medicine by Mayo Clinic, USA.

Dr.Natalie Cooke - Brand Ambassador Aquafresh Sri Lanka

As a Consultant in Integrative Medicine, she uses food as medicine, in different forms of fruits and vegetables juices, water etc. She uses protocols for Diabetes Reversal, Cholesterol Treatment, Fertility Treatment, Cancer Management, and all Chronic Diseases. Most Chronic Diseases now have no answer or it is a life long struggle of medication with many side effects. With what she does, it’s drugless, chemical free and it works.


Acidity and why it is bad for us?

If you really look at our current lifestyle, we are prone to lot of stress and on top of that, we eat a lot of junk food and consume carbonated beverages which are acidic and which lead to acidosis in the long run. This is unhealthy and causes illnesses which can be terminal.

For example, for cancer cells to survive in our body, it requires an acidic environment in our body, which majority of us are providing through our stressful habits and the intake of multiple acidic food and beverages.

Our blood pH is from 7.365-7.4. If it reduces beyond 7.365, it is terminal. Yet, our body fights hard to maintain at its optimum level. Body fighting means, in the long run it can lead to osteoporosis, gastritis, sugar, cholesterol, cancer etc.

To support our body to maintain the blood pH at its optimum level, we need to eat a lot of Alkaline fruits and vegetables, drink a lot of water and Alkaline beverages.

Alkafresh is a great water option in that case as its pH is 9+.