Giving back – the true value of our success

Our CSR vision – To improve sustainability and protect the environment by educating and empowering the community.

We believe that success has more value and meaning when lives are uplifted and helped along the way. Our vision for Corporate Social Responsibility at Aquafresh is to improve sustainability and protect the environment by educating and empowering the community.

Smart Hand

Smart Hand is a programme structured to assist the children and youth of our country and to secure their futures. The following projects have already taken place under this programme.

  • Distribution of school materials.
  • Renovation of school buildings in rural areas.
  • Scholarships for needy children.
  • Donations to children at Udagama, Padukka.
  • Donation of two water tanks to the children of the Lawris Children’s Home.

Green Hand

Green Hand is a programme through which we focus on protecting the environment by practicing the three ‘R’ approach which is REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE
Under Green Hand, a notable project was constructing special ‘bus stops’ with illustrations on them to educate the community on the importance of environmental protection.
We also focus on saving and reusing our water. With water being the main ingredient, we understand its importance and value and why it needs to be used carefully and sustainably.
By carefully analysing the product flow and waste, we have initiated an innovative method to minimize water waste by scientifically recycling the water.
At present the invoice-able portion of water from total extract is 83%. This is considered a high rate in the industry. This initiative has contributed towards saving the limited resource for economic benefits.

Helping Hand

Helping Hand is a programme developed to help elderly, disabled and destitute people. The following projects were successfully carried out under this programme.

  • Farming equipment was distributed to the farming families of the Ingiriya area.
  • Free eye clinics were conducted for the company’s employees and their families. Spectacles were donated at these events.
  • Continuous help and assistance is provided to the ‘Victoria Home for Incurables’ in Rajagiriya.
  • We provided voluntary labour to ‘Habitat for Humanity’ for their campaign to build houses for Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in Muthur.

The livelihoods of the community in Udagama have been improved significantly through special projects to empower women. Here, housewives are given opportunities to earn an income through skilled labour by receiving employment at the company. This system has greatly contributed to the improvement of the livelihood of people. The local women alone contributed Rs.5 million through their employment to the village economy. In addition, more than Rs.10 million is contributed to the village economy by the male employees.