The start of a journey of purity

The journey of Aquafresh began in 2000 at the dawn of the millennium when the Access Group identified a need for pure, bottled drinking water of good quality. The company found the perfect source which was in the fine springs deep in the mountains of Labugamkanda, an area located in one of Sri Lanka’s geologically unique rain forests with minimum human habitat.
Given the depth of the springs and high level of natural purity in the water, a special purification system that mimics nature’s filtering process was designed by Professor Harin Corea from the University of Peradeniya. In May 2001, the production of 5 gallon bottles began. Following the brand’s success, Aquafresh introduced their now iconic range of PET bottles in 2005. The unique design of this PET bottle which was a first in the country, revolutionised the Sri Lankan bottle industry.