Quench your thirst sustainably

While focusing on obtaining pure water from the depths beneath bedrock, sustaining this source is also a priority for Aquafresh. We ensure that the extraction process is conducted adhering to annual geological reports which are conducted by qualified geologists. This is to ensure that the source will not be depleted so that the environment too, will continue to benefit from these natural springs. What’s more, the evolution of modern technology along with diligence and care on our part, enables us to constantly improve our water utilisation process. This helps reduce wastage while keeping our environment clean and void of pollutants.

Our Bottles

PET Bottle

Aquafresh Five Gallon Bottle

We are also the first to introduce the 5 Gallon Poly Carbonate bottle to the Sri Lankan bottled water industry. As opposed to the PET drinking water bottle, the Poly Carbonate bottle can be reused. This is mainly due to the fact that the bottles withstand heat which is used in the cleaning process. Also, the handle on the bottle makes it convenient to lift the bottle and place it on the dispenser.

Our Water Source

Our water source is located deep in the mountains of Labugamkanda in a rainforest area. With minimum human habitat, this area remains pristine, lush and clean. Our wells go down 200 feet beneath the earth’s surface and bedrock to reach fine springs that supply pure water to our bottling plant.

Giving back to nature

In a move to repay nature for her bounty of pure water, our staff have planted several trees around the area. An herb garden has also been established and is diligently maintained and cared for. Our entire process is in accordance with environmental laws and regulations. But our gratitude to nature goes beyond that.

We place great importance on maintaining and protecting the forest surrounding our factory because we care deeply for our environment and strive to do what’s best for it, always.